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I am delighted to introduce my debut novel: OPTIC FLOCK. I am very excited about this story, and I hope I can introduce a powerful new voice in science fiction, that can appeal to both YA and adult readers.

With the immediacy of the first person narrative of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy and a female protagonist to take on Katniss Everdeen, OPTIC FLOCK will appeal to male and female readers alike. Revolving around the high concept hook of a world where each individual is forced by law to wear lenses that record every action taken, OPTIC FLOCK is a warning to our technology led and surveillance obsessed society, and where we might end if the thirst for complete knowledge and control cannot be sated.

OPTIC FLOCK is a visual novel that opens our eyes to the world around us as we naturally see it, and how we could be manipulated to see it.  Experience the world through the eyes of the lenses - as very colour, every feeling, is laid bare.

Available in paperback and eBook.

Finalist in the IAN Book Of The Year Awards

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